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Brand Ambassador Program

We're thrilled to have you join this role as Brand Ambassador for our brand! Below is more info on the program and FAQ's.

About the Program: 

Our Brand Ambassador program is fairly straight forward. As an ambassador we ask that you post twice a month (feed or stories) that's it. No long term commitments or continual purchase requirements! 

Feel free to use any other social media accounts that you have for posting. The more you post and share your code, the more people will be interested in purchasing through your code, which means you will make more through your 15% commission.

How This Works: 

In simple terms you will be able to purchase anything on our website at a 20% discount using code AMBASS20.
Once you make your first purchase you will sign up for our ambassador dashboard and will be auto-approved. From there, you will be able to create your personal code for 15% off to share with your followers. When people visit the site using your link or make purchases using your code, you will be able to track your commissions in your ambassador dashboard.

Next Steps:

1. Order the product(s) you'd like to start with from our site ( using code AMBASS20 for 20% OFF all items.
2. Once you've placed your first order, you can visit the Ambassador Dashboard Registration (Click Here) to sign up and you will be auto-approved.
3. Once you are signed up you will get access to your Ambassador Dashboard where you can create your own code to share with your friends & followers.
4. Share your personal code that you created and your followers will receive 15% OFF, and you will earn 15% COMMISSION from every order through your code.
5. You will be paid your commissions once a month through PayPal or Store Gift Card (must have a minimum commission balance of $25 for payout).

- - -
For example: Amber signs up and is accepted to be an Ambassador. Amber purchases using code AMBASS20 and signs up for the dashboard. Once Amber receives her clothes she posts about it on her Instagram story and tells her followers they can get 15% off using her personal code "AMBER15". Amber makes 15% commission on the revenue generated from her code!
- - -


I keep getting a password error when trying to sign in.

You will have to confirm your account via email before you can log in. It may be in your junk mail or promotions tab. Once you confirm your email your account will be active and will allow you to login. Be sure that you are signing in to the affiliate dashboard and not the regular customer login on our website.

Where is my personal code? 

In the dashboard once you sign up you’ll see your code highlighted in pink and links right below that. 

Click here to access the dashboard: 

How do I get paid my 15%?

We pay via PayPal or store gift card on the 30th of the month. Note - you must have a minimum commission balance of $25 for payout. If you do not have a balance of $25 your commission will carry over into the next month and continue to carry until you have the $25 minimum.

In the dashboard it asks for your email and your payment email. Please put your PayPal email in the payment email section. *If you do not have PayPal, we can provide commission payment in the form of store gift cards as well. In this case, just put your regular email in the PayPal email section.

Do I get to choose my personalized code?

Yes, when you sign up to the dashboard you will have the opportunity to put in your desired code. Note - you will not be able to change your code once it has been created.

How much do my followers get discounted? 

Your followers will get 15% off using your unique code.

Does my link expires in 30 days?

No need to worry. The 30 days is how long a customer is tracked while using your link. For example: your friend clicks the link on May 1st, if he/she purchases anything within that 30 day span you will receive credit for the sale! Your code/link won’t disappear or expire, only a customers tracking from a click.